Turning Your Data into Actionable Insights

Big Data and Analytics

We are in the era of Big Data. Data generated voluntarily by humans and passively collected through sensors. This has led to new challenges of how to store, process and analyze this data massive data for better decision making. Big Data Analytics has the potential to impact our individual lives; help businesses make better decisions and operate efficiently; and spur innovation and transformation in public sector administration and governance.

At Glomacs, we provide you with the right expertise, strategy and solutions for your Big Data thereby enabling you to generate valuable insights for your business needs. Our Big Data Analytics strategy will help you through the entire spectrum of Big Data and Analytics process such as data collection and transformation, Hadoop storage and processing, cleaning, aggregation, analysis and vizualisation.

Our big data analytics solutions and expertize are in the following:

  1. Big Data Storage and Processing using Apache Hadoop framework (mapreduce,HDFS) and associated tools such as spark, pig, hive, etc
  2. Search and Recommendation Engine
  3. Targetted online advertising
  4. Customer Relationship Management - Customer behaviour analysis; Customer Churn Analysis
  5. Network Monitoring and Anomaly Detection
  6. Sentiment Analysis
  7. Fraud Detection
  8. Risk Modeling
  9. Social Graph Analysis
  10. Big Data Vizualisation